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This course helps students to crack Wipro National Level Test conducted by Wipro as a part of their fresher recruitment drive.

1) Functional Grammar section is one of the most important topics next to Reading Comprehension in any competitive exam

2) This section is used to validate the English language correctness, usage and logic

3) Importance is given to Usage and Logic rather than rhetorical grammar rules and hence the name Functional Grammar

4) It consists of sub areas like Articles, Prepositions, Tenses, Conjunctions,Modifiers, Error Identification etc.

5) Candidate good at Prepositions, Tenses and Modifiers exhibit that he/she has got capabilities to represent English well.

6) Candidates good at error identification and sentence completion exhibit that he/she has got capabilities to use and understand the logic of the language well.

7) All in all a very important section in entire verbal area

This tool kit is a combination of all the questions asked in various MNC companies like CTS, Wipro, Accenture, HCL, Mindtree and AMCAT. So students who understand and practice these questions will be ready for all the above MNC screening exams.

This tool kit consists of almost 1000 questions on various topics in Verbal, Quant, Logical Reasoning and Technical questions. Before attempting this students must have read and understood any of the ICEP's course

This course is designed giving validity for 10 months and includes areas like

1) Verbal Aptitude

2) Quantitative Aptitude

3) Logical reasoning

4) Python Programming covering around 200+ videos and 1000 + practice questions.

ICAT is an online mock exam that assess the skills of students relative to industry standards and helps in identifying the weaker areas so that necessary action can be taken.

This course is taught by Mrs. Burli Tulasi Bai a veteran teacher from Andhra Pradesh and has around 40 years of experience teaching Mathematics and English to children from Pre- Primary level. 

The course consists of around 50 recorded videos taught on traditional black board to foster the child's understanding and to keep in line with the child's psychology to grasp quickly from the blackboard.

This course consists the basic building blocks of Mathematics- 

1) Additions 

2) Subtractions 

3) Multiplications 

4) Divisions and 

5) Tables 

and some of its applications like Cubes, Algebra. 

This course is targeted towards all age groups who have to get rid of the fear of Mathematics, build self confidence and prosper in their careers.


These are tests related to School maths and contains practice and assessments.